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    Turkey and Dirilis Ertugrul

    Turkey Turkey happened to be an interesting country with great contrasts and much of everything included. Turkey is in the news for a lot of things ,which includes the movie by Mehmet Bozdag: Dirilis Ertugrul The Origin of the Turks the Turks came from some where in the Altai Mountains ,of western Mongolia, which would make them some way related to Mongolians. The first reference was in Chinese records :2000 BC. The line age of the Turks are as follows: The most famous leader and ancestor among them is Oghuz Khan. He was born around 2000 BC. He had 6 sons. We concentrate on two Sons of Oghuz Khan: GUN…

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    Story of Indica Collection.

    Indica Collection ,the concept started around 18 years ago in one of the dormitories of IIT Kanpur. Indica Collection began as an idea to make an ecommerce site where ethnic goods from Bangladesh and nearby would be sold. Primarily thought as Vanga.com. Vanga happened to be the ancient name Of Bengal. But scope was limited to Bengal. Why not whole of this region.? The thing was then what would have been the name? I came across Indica that would define this region since historical times. The belief in Indica Collection has given rise to many things. Business or no business the belief in Indica Collection has made me come this…