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    Ayurvedic and herbal

    Aloe Vera Wonder Plant Known as ‘wonder plant’ has many medicinal and cosmetics uses. Ginko Wild Lifestyle A Chinese plant used in culinary and medical research. Explore NowRead More Ginger Spice and medicinal herb Slider Description Text, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur laoreet cursus volutpat. Aliquam sit amet ligula et justo tincidunt laoreet non vitae lorem. Herbal and Ayurvedic Plants Plants are important to human things. They give us oxygen as well act as medicine.

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    The Narayan Moorthys

    Narayan Moorthy is well known for his company InfoSys. I had heard twenty years ago of his company’s name. One of the two big giants in IT sector of India. But the thing that attracted me was their humbleness inspite of being so rich. “Learning from experience, however, can be complicated. It can be much more difficult to learn from success than from failure. If we fail, we think carefully about the precise cause. Success can indiscriminately reinforce all our prior actions.” Medhi, T. (2020, February 21). Inspiring quotes from Narayana Murthy, Infosys Co-founder and the ‘Father of the Indian IT Sector’. YourStory.com. https://yourstory.com/2020/02/inspiring-quotes-narayana-murthy-infosys/amp. So what is so special about…