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Would you like to do promotion of your brand  or business or like our expertise in writing. This is the right place.

Advertise with Indica
Advertise with Indica

What Indica Collection is about.

Indica Collection is a site promoting heritage from the Indian sub continent. We try to show case success stories, history and ethnic products from this region.  We have a diverse audience from US, China, India, Bangladesh ,Saudi Arabia.  

In short a virtual show case of ethnic products from Indian Sub continent.


Ways we can work together

  • Advertisements- Advertise in Indica collection: ads in Post header ,middle ,footer. Conditions apply.
  • Product Reviews: Depends on the product type. we cater to heritage and household products: clothes ,furniture. Our partner sites deal with Technology and food.
  • Sponsored Posts. We write and you pay. We include your brand link and logo  so our diverse guests can see your brand.


Write for Indica Collection and get noticed. We cannot pay but we can highlight you.

Email us at and cc to

Categories we accept:

  • Heritage
  • History
  • Tech-at partner site
  • Food-at partner site

Indica Business Directory. If you have stores or business. We can add them in our directory. write to us.

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