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Turkey and Dirilis Ertugrul


Turkey happened to be an interesting country with great contrasts and much of everything included.

Turkey is in the news for a lot of things ,which includes the movie by Mehmet Bozdag: Dirilis Ertugrul

Ertrugrul series

The Origin of the Turks

the Turks came from some where in the Altai Mountains ,of western Mongolia, which would make them some way related to Mongolians.

The first reference was in Chinese records :2000 BC.

The line age of the Turks are as follows:

The most famous leader and ancestor among them is Oghuz Khan. He was born around 2000 BC.

He had 6 sons.

We concentrate on two Sons of Oghuz Khan:



DENGIZ HAN gave the Kinik and his tribe name. From them came Seljuk and ultimately the Great Seljuk Empire.

The Great Seljuks serial.

The Seljuk Empire was established in 1037 by the grandson of Seljuk Beg :Tughril Beg.

The son of Charil Beg and brother of Tughril Beg became sultan of Seljuk Empire and known as Alp Arslan.

Alp Arslan created history by defeating a greater Roman Christian army in Manzikert at 20 August 1071.

It was 15000 Muslim army of the Seljuks against the Roman Christian army of 300,000 or more.

The Emperor Romanos was defeated and taken prisoner by a Muslim solider leader .

The famous conversation between Roman emperor Romanos and Alp Arslan went as follows:

Alp Arslan: “What would you do if I were brought before you as a prisoner?”
Romanos: “Perhaps I’d kill you, or exhibit you in the streets of Constantinople.”
Alp Arslan: “My punishment is far heavier. I forgive you, and set you free.”

The son of Alp Arslan Melik Shah made great achievements as well and his son Sultan Ahmed Sanjar was known for many feats. This history I did not even bother though I heard about the Seljuks in text book history.

During his reign Imam Ghazzali was appointed at Nizamyah Madrasah and he wote many books as well wrote to counter the batinis.

The man running the show was Nizam ul Mulk : Abul Hasan Tusi.


Omar Khayyam

Hasan Sabah ,leader of the Assassins’ were also at court of Malik Shah!

UYANIS hows life of Melik Shah and Ahmed Sanjar. You cannot find in NETFLIX. But you can see in this site:

GUN HAN’s son Kayi ,Suleyman Shah‘son Ertugrul Gazi and Osman Gazi who gave the world the Ottoman Empire. There is series called KURULUS OSMAN

Ottoman military Insigma
Ottoman Military Enigma

Kurulus Osman

Watch: Kuruls Osman with subtitle

Watch Dirilis Ertugrul:


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