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The Story Of North End Coffee Roasters

North End Coffee Roasters started in March,2011 officially.  I was working in a German -Joint venture company called Pre-Press Bangladesh. The first time I had met Rick and Monir was somewhere at end of 2010 or early January of 2011. I cannot recall, maybe if I am mistaken let me know.

I asked Monir, at that time I did not know him.  I talked to him since they are just a floor below my office. He told me it was going to be a coffee shop and owner was American.  Monir introduced me to Rick.

North End Coffee Roasters

Coffee-Main attraction

I was hopeful and looking forward for the coffee shop. I had my selfish reasons. The reason was that the place Shajadpur was an area known for businesses which provided services to construction work like: rod, and other related materials. This was not place where you would build a restaurant or coffee shop either. Lots of customers advised to move North End to Gulshan or some posh’ areas. But no the North End Team had their ideas.

Working above North End was a time I cherished.  At that time, I was single and lot younger.  The Company I worked for provided Photo retouching services for Ecommerce sites. Well, the beautiful pictures you see in ecommerce sites is not that the product looks really great. But also, fact is the pictures are photoshopped”.  The company from German took pictures from all over Europe. Brands Like Rolls Royce, Otto, Kaufland gave pictures. When you email these companies directly, they do not give you an answer.  Mighty proud maybe, since they want to give to German media houses. Well German media houses outsources to us and we process the pictures.

Companies like:

  • H&M
  • GAP
  • Zara
  • Austin Reed

Are directly working with Bangladesh.    Well, the German company was huge but they did not respect much Bengali People (in my opinion).  I mean when we were doing interior design of the company., the MD told me that he asked his wife:” Can Bangladeshi designers design a kitchen like this?”

Well, he was pleased and surprised.  The MD is supposed to order Aston Martin cars for himself. But he paid extra money (I think millions) to have written on the car: “Made for MD name.”. Let’s call this company Fast M.

"Rick, why should I drink coffee for 50 BDT? When I don’t like drinking coffee and I love drinking tea. Tea costs 5 Takas (BDT).” 

Abbas Mandal, North End ,2011

Around February 2011, I think.  Rick offered me coffee.  I personally that time did not like coffee. I said: “Rick, why should I drink coffee for 50 BDT? When I don’t like drinking coffee and I love drinking tea. Tea costs 5 Takas (BDT).”  He did not say anything.  Next day he told me “The whole month is free for you”. Oh boy I was working upstairs North End Coffee Roasters and was drinking cappuccino three times a day! It was FREE!  After a month the offer was gone and I paid for the coffee. That is business skills!

I was offered 70 percent discount of the price. The highest I paid at that time as 70 Takas (BDT) in North End.

I once asked being inquisitive. 

How are you going to make money selling coffee at a cafe?

Abbas Mandal,North End,2012
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North End logo

To which I got a reply. This not my real business . So I asked again what is your real business.  He replied :

Selling Coffee Beans to corporate hotels and organizations.

I was like dumbstruck and could not but secretly admire Ricks business plan. In this short while I learnt business ,attitude ,people shills. I am sure the team of North End really learned a lot besides coffee. This in the long term will help them in their career.  

The Source of North End Coffee:

  • Indonesia
  • Brazil
  • Other coffee

Milk used in Coffee: Australian Milk.



Milk Matters!

Milk Vita
Cow Head Milk
Cowhead Milk-Australia

Rick once used milk vita around March or April 2011. He gave a cup of cappuchino to taste. I was like what the …! This was not the taste of Rick’s regular coffee. I told him not to use Milk Vita for North End Coffee.

My boss and colleague would say how would this coffee shop make any business here. I told him coffee was good taste and they might do good.  Some where in March 2011, comes Uwe. A German management official comes from company Fast M, Thailand branch. I took him to North end. I was skeptical since I was no expert in coffee. After he tasted the coffee, I asked his feedback.  He said “This is better than Star Bucks!” Then I knew, this coffee is really good and one day it will become a brand. 

This is better than Star Bucks.


Origin of the name

Hanover Street was a North End outlet based in Unimart. This is located in Dhaka. Unimart has an international shopping experience.

This was in 2014 but eventually it got closed for some reason.

Hannover St. is a famous film war based starring Harisson Ford and Others. whilst North End is a street in Boston.


Winter Season deco at North End

Winter Season deco at North End

North End has its unique deco suited to change with season

Food Display

Food Display

The items include: Brownies, Date Bar Bagel

Hanover St,Unimart

Hanover St,Unimart

Hanover St. This was one North End's outlet in 2014 at Unimart.

There was a lady and I asked about her. I was told that is Chris, wife of Rick. I talked to and she had a very nice, smiling personality.  Chris was the expert of bakery items. Really good: cinnamon Roll, Brownie and biscuits.

At lunch sometimes getting bored from routine food offered by the company. I wanted a change so I asked Rick :” How about some sandwiches” He told me it will ruin the theme since it is a café. I had given this suggestion to the manager of North End Coffee Roasters. then too. Fast forward several years: Well yes North end menu has:

  • 4C Sandwich
  • Roast Beef sandwich
  • The Charles
  • Chilli Milli



The domain registration for indicacollection happened whilst working above North End. I had once asked about the origins of the name. he said it was a place in Boston. I had met another gentleman from American Club. His name was George.   Rick introduced me to him, and learnt he is going to give a hotdog restaurant. Later it was known as George’s Café. I have tasted the hotdogs and took a gentleman who was visiting from USA. He loved the café and food. He was surprised Bangladesh had this quality food.

Adam Dawla at Independent Television

I invited Mr Adam Dawla who was working for Independent Television whom I had met earlier in BGCCI. He loved the coffee at North End Coffee Roasters.


History of Coffee


The Origin Coffee –So where did coffee start?

The earliest mention of Coffee was by Rhazes or Muhammad bin Zakaria Al Razi or known to the west as Rhazes. He was a Muslim Arab Physician who belonged to the Golden Age of Islam.  

The word Coffee is said to have originated from the Arabic word Gahwa :(قهوة) in Arabic language . But that is debated and subject to controversy.

The origins of Coffee is in Ethiopia and Yemen. Both are known for their rich history and culture. Sheba is said to be in Ethiopia. The Queen of Sheba or Queen Bilqis is famous in history and Semitic religions such Islam, Christianity and of Couse Judaism. The date is around 850 CE and a legend revolves a goat herder from Ethiopia called Kaldi.

The coffee got introduced in the Ottoman Empire by which version you want to believe that is. I would go with the Syrian brothers version . Since Turkish people have habit of making everything Turkish. I can say this since in school(class3-10) had some Turkish friends. My advise to Turkish friends is you have great culture: original and not the modern lifestyle they present now days. Please speak in a language we all can speak.

Some of contributions of Muslim Turkish People are:


The 1st Turkish Coffee house was opened in 1475 called Kiva Han. Now I know why the restaurant in Gulshan 1,Near Navana Tower is called Kiva Han.!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Coffee came in India originates to 1600 CE.  Baba Budan  went on pilgrimage and brought back coffee beans. The city which coffee originated from was called Mocha, Yemen.

The Indian Coffee House is famous as the song of the legendary singer called Manna Dey ‘s song :Coffee House.

Coffee In Kolkata

Coffee with Sugar

Coffee with Sugar

Extra sugar sachets for your coffee

Restaurant Ambience -8th Day

Restaurant Ambience -8th Day

The Feeling and environment inside 8th Day

Bakery items-8th Day Cafe

Bakery items-8th Day Cafe

Cookies and Bakery

8th Day Cafe-Interiors

8th Day Cafe-Interiors


Visited Kolkata and wanted to find good Cafe. I knew a cafe which sold good cafe.

The name was 8th Day Cafe and Bakery 

A restaurant review for some restaurants in Kolkata  was done few years ago(2018) but could not find when I went to Calcutta or Kolkata. This was done for DeliMoja and conducted by Indica Collection.

This Cafe is owned by a person named Grant. He is from Arizona, USA. So if you are looking for great Coffee in Kolkata, this would be the one.

I heard North End had helped 8th Day Cafe in providing training and logistics initially.

I think some where in 207 or earlier Rick had said of setting up a Cafe in Kolkata.


6, West Range
Kolkata 700017

Face Book




A Recipe and Foodie Site

A new happening place in the town of Kolkata has a very unique and rustic décor. They serve healthy food along with their own brewed coffee. You can literally see the grains infront of you. It is a very cozy hangout. You can take your friends for lunch or sit back with your laptop and get work done or read a book in peace with a cup of coffee.

Tabaq Restaurant

Tabaq Coffee

I visited Tabaq in Jamuna Future Park somewhere in 2014 or something. I met one the owners called Mubarak. The sandwiches were really nice. He asked to coffee and I said why should I buy for 150..when I get a discount plus taste of coffee is really great at North End Coffee Roasters.  He offered complimentary cup of cappuccino and asked my opinion. My opinion was that after North End, this (TABAQ)was the best. I would certainly place in my list of restaurants.  Well later on I gave a food related website called

But in regards to Sandwiches and snacks. Look nowhere.


Crowd at North End

North End Crowd at the early period was great. Primarily foreigners came to it. People working for great organizations were in North End. The ambience was such that it was great place to meet. It was unique and such kind of place or environment was not found in Dhaka. This was near end of 2010.

Among a regular visitor was Joe. He was always smiling and a photographer, but that was his hobby.  Recently asked about his camera and he said he sold it.  If I remember well, this guy could play guitar well.

He is professionally connected to company called Gaan Baaksho.


Another person I met was Shakil Haider. He later on went to US to complete his PHD(econmonics) at Texas Tech, Texas.

I randomly picked this video and what do you know: I am in it at 2:14! 

He referred us as :” Guys from upstairs”. This was because we just met few months:2010-nov/Dec.

North End Team

The North End Team was a special and unique one at the Beginning. They were optimistic and regarded Customers as one of the family. Among the team some names might strike :

  • Monir
  • Farhan- He opened up a training school for coffee baristas. 
  • Milton
  • Max
  • Muhit

and others.  They were mainly from private university students .  North End taught Bangladeshi students few points.    The concept of a private students working part time for restaurant was unheard of. Muhit is the manger of North end and he is doing great according to the Owner.

"Craft great coffee, create great community."

North End

North End remained true to their moto.  They have created Communities and that is coffee communities across Bangladesh.


Reviews on North End
Kazi HaqueKazi Haque
03:18 21 Oct 21
You can feel "The Coffee" here. That's it. When you will enter first from the road side door, you can get the smell of coffee.Pricy but worthy. Suitable for one to one business meeting, personal office work etc. Some snacks are available but don’t miss the coffee.Only one washroom.
Q M Moinul AhsanQ M Moinul Ahsan
18:59 01 Oct 21
Nice cozy place for coffee lovers. There are places to sit with your laptop while having coffee and some snacks with that. There are also some sofa where you could sit relaxly and have a meeting if you want. Staffs were cooperative and prompt.
Hasan ZahidHasan Zahid
10:28 27 Aug 21
Admire this venture.Good place to buy ground coffee close to my taste although little expensive.Good ambiance.Skilled attendents.
14:36 12 Aug 21
North End Coffee Roasters is your single source for fresh-roasted coffee in Bangladesh. “North End” alludes to both to our location in the North part of Dhaka and our roots in the famous Italian-American “North End” of Boston.
Ajanty BaziAjanty Bazi
16:42 17 May 21
I think I do my job the right way. Work should not be neglected. I am happy with my work. I want to learn more I can give some good gifts to this company. This was all to say. Thanks

In Short:

Checkout directory.

Established in:2011

By :An American Gentleman from Boston ,Massachusetts.



Cost:100 BDT-500 BDT per item.

Coffee Price :

Rating:9/10(best in Bangladesh)

Current Manger: Mr.Muhit

Near to Gulshan 2 Circle:

Concord Baksh Tower | Ground Floor
Plot 11A, Road 48, Block CWN
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