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Story of Indica Collection.

Indica Collection ,the concept started around 18 years ago in one of the dormitories of IIT Kanpur.

Indica Collection began as an idea to make an ecommerce site where ethnic goods from Bangladesh and nearby would be sold. Primarily thought as Vanga happened to be the ancient name Of Bengal.

But scope was limited to Bengal. Why not whole of this region.?

The thing was then what would have been the name?

I came across Indica that would define this region since historical times. The belief in Indica Collection has given rise to many things. Business or no business the belief in Indica Collection has made me come this far.

The ethnic products like:


A cloth that was spun by the weavers of Bengal. It was considered as threat to the British since their clothes was sub standard …(East India Company).

Video on Muslin

The weavers thumb were cut by the British so that they can never weave again.

This cloth is again revived in Bangladesh by the present PM Sheikh Hasina. This was really great feat!. This is the idea Indica Collection wanted if Muslin could have been weaved again.(since 2005)

Jamdani Sari:

Jamdani sari

This sari is weaved in Dhaka , Bangladesh. It is artistic sari weaved since long time.

There many other Ethinic Products in Indica from the IBP(India, Bangladesh and Pakistan) region.

Indica Collection gave rise to

Indica Food


A site for recipes for adding your submission


A to be marriage site(coming)

Indica Travels

A coming Travel blog


We aim to showcase all of Desi products in Indica Collection.

Fashion, clothes food ,Leather ,if you want connect with Manufactures from IBP please contact us.

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