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The Indica Collection idea story started in 2003 later on from idea to amore structured idea took place in campus of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur or iitk. My sister was studying in IIT Kanpur in India and I went to visit her. We Bengalis are well known for doing jobs and being good employees.

I thought of doing something different ,a business for online ,since I was an IT professional(PHP programmer) and had a fresh experience in helping in development of cigar business ecommerce in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The owner was a MBA of AIT Thailand. https://www.ait.ac.th/ I had no idea about it but learned was a good engineering university.

This experience gave an idea of starting something of my own . I had the idea in my heart and was passionate about it. Though it was not implemented.

The concept of ethnic products from Indian Sub continent or virtual show case of products from these are lead to a term like IBP invented.

IBP stand for India ,Bangladesh and Pakistan. A business idea is not enough you have to give it your soul but at same time to accept reality. Get job experience first.

The idea bought some fresh ideas like:

A marriage Site in Bangladesh




Then Indica Food

Indica Leather

Indica Food later on created delimoja.com

The thing is do not let an idea die at least nurture the idea by creating a face book page.

An idea is not limited to a person who is educated or rich or has lot of job experience rather a person from a village can have an unique idea!——Indica Collection

What Indica Collection wants to say is expressed by the gentleman in below video:

Indica Collection presents the best from Indian Sub continient:

Clothes (Made in Bangladesh)


Ethnic Clothes

Lot of times you want to buy these items in bulk and do not know who to contact for quality Clothes you want to manufacture or have design you want to make.

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