Maldives-beautiful island in Indian ocean
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Maldives -A Muslim Gem in the Indian Ocean


About Maldives

Maldives is an island located in the Indian Ocean and is part of South Asia.  I heard of them in the 1980’s faintly and did not pay attention.  Then you did not have internet or Google where you could search:” History of the People Maldives “and press enter.

The people of Maldives look like Bengalis or Indians. Huh since when did Indians colonies this Island or the British Raj?

If that’s not enough the population of Maldives is 100 Percent Muslim.

Maldives is a beautiful island country whose capital is Male. The feminists are angry, why it is not “Female”? Just kidding. I was wondering that myself.

400 BC Maldives History
Buddhist Kingdom

Conversion from Buddhism to Islam
Foundation of the first Sultanate
Islam becomes the national religion
The first Sultan of the Maldives was Mohamed Bin Ibnu Abdulla (1141 – 1156, he disappeared during a pilgrimage to Mecca)

1153 Islamic History
Islam comes to Maldives

Conversion from Buddhism to Islam
Foundation of the first Sultanate
Islam becomes the national religion
The first Sultan of the Maldives was Mohamed Bin Ibnu Abdulla (1141 – 1156, he disappeared during a pilgrimage to Mecca)

1344 Ibn Battuta and others
Muslim Scholars in Maldives

Ibn Battuta  and other scholars were in Maldives at this time.

Portuguese Capture Male

The Portuguese capture Male’. Sultan Ali VI falls in battle.

1573 Portuguese ousted
Maldives becomes free by effort of two brothers

Under the leadership of Mohamed Thakurfaanu and his two brothers, the Maldives frees itself after 15 years of Portuguese rule.
Sultan Thakurufaanu (from 1573 – 1583) is honored as national hero.


1887 British Protectorate
Sultan signs Treaty with British

On December 16, 1887 the Sultan of the Maldives signs a Protectorate Treaty with England. The Sultan receives protective rights for the Maldives, and is obliged to pay a tribute to the English Crown.

1932 Sultan and constitution
First Constitution

The first written constitution comes into force. (Constitutional Sultanate)

1947 Last tribute to England
Last tribute to England

A new agreement was made and Maldives did not not pat tributes to England but remained protectorate.

Janurary1,1953 Modern Government
First Republic is born

January 1 – After 800 years as a Sultanate (between 1153 – 1953), the first Republic is declared. The first President is Mohamed Amin Didi who dies only one year later

21 August,1953 Back to the Drawing Board
Return to Sultanate

Return to Sultanate.

Maldives Holidays

History Of Maldives

The people of Maldives look wheatish or wheatish fair and look like a Bengali Muslim from Bangladesh. They are Muslims too.

The people were originally fisherman who came from India and Sril lanka between 300 BC and 300 CE. The Mahavamsa (Great Chronicle) of Sri Lanka written in Pali script, talks about history of Sri Lanka from time Prince Vijaya from comes to Sri Lanka in 500 BC to his reign. He is the son of a King called Sina Bahu .  Sina Bahu ‘s father as a dacoit and mother a prince in Vanga or Bengal. The story or legend is not covered but why we people from Bengal look like Sri Lanka and Maldives is getting clear. The King Sina Bahu sends his ruthless son Prince Vijay out of the country. This Prince takes two ships and he lands in Sri Lanka. The other ship did not make to Sri Lanka but Maldives. That is the origin of both Sri Lanka and Maldives is from Bengal. No wonder they are friendly and nice.! The place of Birth of Prince Vijaya according to the Muslim scholar Allama Ahmed Sihabuddin was from Kalinga. The people of Maldives worshiped nature like sun, moon and stars.

Buddhism in Maldives

During the 3rd Century due to King Ashoka’s initiate to spread Buddhism the people of Maldives became Buddhists. These people were from a place called Bairat(ibid), which is in Rajasthan. A Buddhists temple in Bairat, Rajasthan, India exists with name Bairat Temple.

Islam in Maldives

Maldives had an interesting story how they accepted Islam. The person who is credited with this task was Abul Barkat Yousuf Al Barbary. The last name indicates either city the person was from or tribe or famous anything person was connected to.

Examples are:

  • Abdul Qadir Gilani
  • Hasan Al Bashri

Many other examples, last name is the town they came from. Both mentioned are Muslim scholars from Gilan and Bashra. Legend says due to efforts of Yousuf eventually king became Muslim.

One such great effort is as follows which is not accepted in modern history.

The Story

That a demon used to terrorize the island. The demon demanded virgin women to be given as a tribute. That woman was left alone in a temple near the sea where she was ravished by the demon and murdered.  The king chose the virgin who should go each year to temple for the sea demons.

Abu Yousuf tries to persuade the King to convert to Islam but he refuses. Abu Yousuf was a Hafiz (A person who has memorized the Holy Quran) from Morocco.

He volunteers to go in place of the girl to face the Demon. Every body is scared about Abu Yousuf but surprisingly nothing has happened since he recited verses of the Quran. The demon or

The Book of Ancient Meedho History talks the people of Maldives leaving Buddhism and accepting Islam in 1127. The priestess family of Maldives was named Kaal Hai Haru. Kadu Kumar was a man from Patna,Bihar,India and he married a woman called Kaaman Haru from Maldives. So that’s how they got the name.

The Islamic Perspective to the Legend.

Well. The demon was a jinn. In the Quran, the verse says:


And the jinn, We created before from scorching fire.


The Jinn were a different creation created around several thousand years before creation of Mankind.

The Jinn are invisible ,made of fire, can read your mind and move at alarming speeds.

Verse of the Quran are fatal :

Such as Ayatul Qursi:

Allah – there is no deity except Him, the Ever-Living, the Sustainer of [all] existence.
Neither drowsiness overtakes Him nor sleep.
To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth.
Who is it that can intercede with Him except by His permission?
He knows what is [presently] before them and what will be after them, and they encompass not a thing of His knowledge except for what He wills.
His Kursi extends over the heavens and the earth, and their preservation tires Him not.
And He is the Most High, the Most Great.”

The Ayatul Qursi or Verse of the Throne is very powerful verse of the Quran.


Welcome to

Maldives is a beautiful Island with natural scenes and beautiful scenery. 


Reethi Grill

Hotel Fulhoi

Indian Style

Hotel Fulhoi serves tasty good food along with good service. The restaurant is Indian and expect fish and other. 3US$-11US$


The Island Cafe

Good Food and visit if you are in Guraidhoo. Cost

Button 1
Button 2

Anantara Kivah

Under Water Restaurant.

This is an under water restaurant in Maldives

A Paradise for Beach and Fish Lovers.



Temperature:28 Centigrade.

Best time to visit: Nov to April.

Coldest :January-28 Degrees Centigrade.

 Hottest:29 Degrees Centigrade.

Average cost of package:

3 Days 2 Night(from Bangladesh)




  • Divehdi
  • English
  • French

Quick facts

1$=15.43 Maldivian Rufiyaa .

Religion :Islam.

Temperature:28 Degrees.


Other Info

Time from Bangladesh :7-8 hours by Plane.

Per day cost=238 $ per day.

You can swim with fishes.



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