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Gram’ -The Villages of South East Asia .

Villages in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India are the heart of the country. Most people in the villages were once farmers.

Life in villages has lot of peace and a feeling you will never know in the cities. Maybe this is why Amish people stay way from Technology.

A fun the kids in the city never know. A brotherly feeling with honesty among people(in general) as well as a fixed time for doing things. Unlike NYC-The City that Never Sleeps. In the cities all over the world ,everybody trying to copy NYC Model or close by.

In the city life we accepting all technology and any law in name of progress and modernism. This is happening everywhere.

I remember reading a novel :The Pearl by John Steinbeck. It really touched me, read in the 1980s. The 1980’s was the peacemaker between the old generation and the Modern generation. Talking about 60;s of South East Asia.

The routine in Bangladeshi Villages :

Wake up for Morning Prayer: Fajr.

Go to sleep and wake up:6:00 AM or latest 7:00 AM.

Have breakfast :

1.Muri(Fried Rice)


Have it initially and then go to study the books. Read or study for sometime and then have another break fast(now days).

But about 20 years ago :

Have rice and water mixed meal, called Basi Bhat. Basi meaning Not fresh, probably rice was cooked previous day or the earlier. Instead of throwing away the food (which was scarce) . This rice mixed with water ,salt, onions and Alo channa made a nice meal. Sufficed your stomach and cost was negligible .

This is because since most people were farmers so following:

Rice (Bhat’)



Chili (‘Morch’ or ‘Lanka’). Not Sri Lanka that is … These thing were FREE!! Translate that in today’s (city type) life style well you have a sandwich or pizza .

There is cost for:



and any relevant sandwich you make now days.

Some Traits of Village life:

  • Healthy Living
  • Simple and Honest
  • Timely Schedule

But it is not everybody is simple ,many of crucial politics in the region of IBP(India, Bangladesh and Pakistan) are from the villages. So says the film Rajneeti.

Children wait for taking a bath in the villages. They can go to the nearby pond and have fun for half hour or so. After having a bath with friends in a pond. What a fun, city mouse cannot understand this fun ,something they might not experience at all.!

Around 12:00 they reach since timing is from 12 PM-4 PM.(for secondary school). Studying in a school various subjects of math’s, science and English from teachers in the villages. The English was weak due to the teachers. Lunch time was at 1.30 PM. Twenty minutes was the lunch time.

Foot ball is played by the boys and girls did not play. They played more of board games.

পাটীগণি or Arithmetic is a subject that most village children are very good in. They are comparatively better than their city counterparts.

The Traditional village has a headman or chief and this has been the way for centuries. He judges the people through a village court which has been created with the members of the village. Sometimes they deliver justice and sometimes they do not.

But village council is kinda strong. In fact legal position has been given to these informal village councils in India. They are called Panchayat. People in the village tend give this council more importance usually.

Most countries in the East have this kind of life. Where people are in touch with nature, honest and god fearing. In turkey for generations Beys or tribe chiefs given importance. Same with the Arabs.

A Bangladeshi village is similar to the ones in Pakistan, India, Vietnam at least in some ways.

A Village in Bangladesh

But that is changing: Yay! Modernism has come with is endless benefits? Yeah right.

What is the benefit. Is it a lot. Losing something valuable which cannot be bought with money.

The feeling in a village cannot be explained in words, you have to practically visit one. Next time you are in Bangladesh don’t forget to visit the villages in Bangladesh!

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A village market in Bangladesh :

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