Wise And Otherwise

Wise and Otherwise by Sudha Murthy
Editions:Paperback - 1st Edition: ₹ 183.00
ISBN: 9780143062226
Size: 129.00 x 198.00 mm
Pages: 232

This book is by Sudha Murthy, a great personality by herself and wife of founder of InfoSys.

She reflects on realities of life and narrates few true stories.

Publisher: Penguin
Reviews:Vowelor on https://www.vowelor.com/ wrote:

The book has 50 chapters depicting the most important lessons of her life. Each chapter in this book symbolizes the need for compassion and humanity in general. Readers can connect their emotion to most of the stories.

The stories are simple and filled with emotions. Here we get to see the real neglected interiors of India that needs immediate help. We understand a new definition and meaning for the much-used term ‘Women Empowerment’. The philanthropy world which plays the role of a fundraiser is an eye-opener for most of us.

Sudha Murthy has penned these stories to throw us the light on some strong values that still exist in our money laundering society. There are lessons of values such as honesty, compassion, hard work, giving back to the society, empathizing for the people who are in need, enjoying the beauty of every minute of life, never late to learn to be more human, the significance of being an Indian and what not!

There is also desperation about the changes that are to be done immediately in the framework of Education, Industries, Philanthropy, the system of values, societal status.

All the stories are the true stories that will surprise and shock us. As readers, we are bound to be amazed by the minute observation of the writer. The observation about the daily routines of rich, poor, educated, uneducated, powerful and many others.

The stories take us to the world of protagonists and make us feel the emotion and the trauma that they are undergoing in their lives. Be it a rich businessman or a poor village schoolmaster, a software engineer or a daily wage worker. We connect to the characters of the story. Isn’t it wonderful to relive and revisit the lives of the real-life characters?

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