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5 ways to prevent hair loss by simple home remedies.

Who doesn’t want a hair-fall free hair? Some people spend plenty money buying expensive shampoo as well as hair products to get desired results. Hair loss is a common problem faced by every human being. Well, it’s usual to lose up to 50 hairs a day. Some causes of hair loss are stress, an unhealthy diet, genetics, or hormonal imbalance. Surprisingly they are some easy home remedies to prevent hair loss along with shiny healthy hair. So you can follow these easy remedies to get lustrous hair at home!

Fenugreek oil
Fenugreek plant mostly came from western Asia. It is a common spice used in Asian cooking. For many years fenugreek seeds has been used as Chinese medicine for skin treatments, blood sugar levels and many other conditions. Fenugreek seeds and powder is also useful for skin. It has numerous health benefits. Fenugreek seeds are rich in irons and proteins which is useful for hair growth. Fenugreek seeds can be used in powdered form, oil form and many other forms. its the most effective home remedies to stop hair loss or get rid of dandruff, scalp irritations.
Here you will have to follow these few steps to get rid of hair fall.

    • Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight in water.
    • Mix the seeds with coconut oil.
    • Boil the mixture on low heat, and after 15 minutes take it out of the stove.
    • Apply the oil and leave it overnight or 45 to 55 minutes
    • Rinse your hair with shampoo.

Use this twice in a week!
Onion juice
Red onions or purple onions are familiar to Asian households as their it acts as one of the main vegetable or ingredient. These onions are mostly originated in central Asia. These onions contains antioxidants compound which helps with your immune system and also dandruff. Red onions are filled with vitamins and minerals including calcium, magnesium, vitamin C,K. Red Onions are rich in sulfur which is found in keratin which also helps your to be strong. The sulfur helps to nourish your hair and also stimulates hair growth by getting deep into hair follicles. Besides it also helps with hair thinning and dandruff. Also I an important note, research & studies says regular use of onion can help you get rid of grey hair. Mixture of lemon juice and onion would give your hair shine and better result. Researchers found that after using onion juice for 2 weeks, almost 74 percent of participants had some hair regrowth. So here is the procedure which would lead you to zero hair fall : –

      •  Take 2 onions and chop into medium pieces.
      • . Rinse the chopped onions to for any kind of dirt and impurities.
      • . Blend finely those chopped onions.
      • Apply the juice in your scalp carefully. Make sure to cover the juice all over you scalp.
      • Leave it for 30 minutes
      • Wash you hair with cold water

Aloe vera gel
Aloe vera is famous for it’s numerous health benefits, skin problems as well as hair problems. You can’t imagine how magnificent it is for health and body. Aloe vera is also used in medicals purposes in some countries such as India, China, Japan, Egypt and Greece. It has plenty benefits such as reducing constipation, it reduces tooth decay, other dieases of the gum, helps to improve wrinkles, acnes and smoothens your skin. It has strong antioxidants which is a great significance to health. Using aloe vera twice in a week might give you beautiful result. Due to high contents of proteins, vitamins and minerals aloe vera reduces dandruff, hair breakage. It gives you a smooth glossy texture and makes your hair strong. Aloe vera is very effective and rich in proteolytic enzymes which repair damadged cells in the scalp also promotes hair growth, prevents itiching. If you want to say goodbye to hairfall, just follow these easy steps :-

      • Take 2 aloe vera leaves and cut those into pieces
      • Cut those into half.
      • With the help of spoon, scoop all the gel.
      • After you’re done, apply the gel in your hair/ you can blend and then apply that too.
      • Leave it for 30 to 45 minutes

Rinse off with clean water.
Rice water
Researchers claimed that women in ancient time in Japan had floor length hair. They used to wash their hair in rice water for healthy hair ad extra black hair. Rice water may also has benefits to skin, researchers said that starch in rice water heals skin damage. It also helps prevent wrinkling. Rice water is one of the most effective and best way for hair growth. Rice water contains vitamin B, C, E & protein. It is also rich in minerals. Rice water makes your hair to be shiny, dandruff-free, healthy and smooth. You can use rice water in many different ways here is a easy way to use rice water.
Take 1 cup of rice
Rinse the rice nicely with clean water to remove impurities and dirt.
c. Take a jar full of 2 cups of water with the rinsed rice, and leave it overnight.
d. Apply 30 minutes before shower.
Clean your hair with shampoo.
Egg mask
Egg is found in every household. Egg is very important for health. It provides you energy, helpful for body growth, may reduce the risk of stroke also less chances of heart disease. Egg yolk is loaded with vitamins, healthy fats which prevents damage and moisturize hair. Vitamin A, E and biotin are some nutrients and folates that researcher has claimed for hair growth and healthy hair. Egg is rich in phosphorus, protein & sulfur. Egg helps in strengthening your hair and also makes it smooth and shiny. You can use egg mask in numerous ways so here you go with a common method.

    • Whisk an egg with1 tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil.
    • Apply the mixture to your hair.
    • Leave it for 30 minutes.
    • Wash your hair with cold water.

So there you have some easiest ways to regrow your hair and make it shiny and healthy. These remedies are the most effective ways to prevent hair loss. You can make your hair silky, smooth and hair fall-free by using these methods. If you face massive hair fall, you should immediately consult any doctor. They might suggest you biotin or zinc which is good for hair.

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Aloe Vera
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